I grew up in Chicago, went to college at the University of California at Berkeley, and got my Masters at Northwestern. Then I followed my dream to become a serious writer by driving to Hollywood and getting a job writing questions and "ad lib" jokes for the game show, "Hollywood Squares."

I was fortunate to be involved in one of the Golden Ages of Television. I wrote and produced television shows ranging from "Sesame Street" to "The Bob Newhart Show" to Family Ties" to Home improvement" to "Frasier."

However, I always had an interest in writing essays and columns, a form that has evolved into The Blog. I wrote a column for "Newsweek" when Nintendo first came out in which I expressed my fear that kids were going to become obsessed with electronic games and would soon favor them over actually going outside to play. Many readers scoffed at what they thought was my gross exaggeration of the situation. However, because of that column, I was invited to be a guest on "Oprah." Anyone who actually saw me on the show knows why I have made my living behind the camera, not in front of it.

For many years, my work appeared on sites like CBSNews.com and The Huffington Post. I've also had my columns in publications such as TV Guide, The Denver Post, and the prestigious Sleepy Eye Herald Dispatch of Sleepy Eye, Minnesota. (You can look that one up if you're a cynic).  I don't like to brag, but in addition, I happen to be a proud, card-carrying member of the United States Basketball Writers Association.

Some of the things that I've written about include a discussion of a Texas court ruling that said it's okay for an accused murderer's lawyer to sleep through most of the trial, an exposé of the evils of B&B's, a "welcome back" to Sarah Palin as she momentarily joined Donald Trump on the stump, and research that found that slobs make better lovers.  In other words, I only deal with the most compelling topics of our times.

PS It's not too late for you Neatniks to try to become slobs.