The current Presidential primary campaign has been the most lackluster, most predictable, and most civil campaign in history. So it was refreshing last Tuesday when Sarah Palin took the stage with Donald Trump and shook things up a bit. There she was, fresh off a flight on Trump's golden jet, the airplane of the real Americans, standing before microphones and cameras, gushing as no one else can gush. Although decried by the mainstream media, the speech was brilliant. 

The liberal press only saw a woman babbling at a speed that would normally indicate someone who had just done business with her dealer. But that was all an act. It was an intentional way of shining a light on the lack of progress the Obama administration has made on the war on drugs. The pundits mocked her wardrobe, but they didn't see the cleverness in choosing an outfit that could only make the electorate think of Hillary Clinton's infamous use of the words, "Tammy Wynette."

Trump is nobody's fool, either. Getting Palin to rise from the dead like this forced Bernie Sanders to cancel the endorsement announcement he had planned to make with Kato Kaelin.

Sarah and Trump are among the many people who denounce blaming the government for everything, and they urge people to take personal responsibility. So it is appropriate that she placed the responsibility for her son's domestic abuse arrest and his sadly disturbed state squarely where that personal responsibility belongs: with President Obama. Everyone has to agree that it was awful that Obama forced Palin's son to do what he did and it is disgusting that the President insisted on having that pesky little automatic weapon lying around the Palin house. But what's even worse is that somehow Obama made Sarah leave her son's side at this crucial moment of his life to rush off to begin her selfless return to the political arena. Shame on you, Mr. President.

Some of the criticism that Mr. Trump has faced involves the assertion that he is not prepared for the highest office in the land. I look forward to Sarah putting this canard to rest. She is the kind of person whose intelligence and mastery of language can get this done in one swell swoop. I can just hear her now, simultaneously defending her boy Donald while appropriately skewering the Senator from Texas: "Let's stop pussyfooting around here. Is anyone else tired of people attacking poor, defenseless Donald Trump? How is Cruz any better prepared to be Commander in Chief than Donald? The only things Cruz is famous for are jumping up and down on Oprah's couch and being in those 'Mission Impossible' movies."